Letter to Each Student

Dear Student,

I thank God that you desire to obey His command, "Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read" (Isa. 34:16). I pray that God will honor that obedience and, through His word, reprove, correct and instruct you in all righteousness (II Tim. 3:16).

Romans, as all of the Bible, is the Word of God. Imagine, we creatures can study the words of our Creator, whose intelligence and wisdom are far above ours. Therefore, you should expect to spend time and effort to properly explore the wonders contained in the book of Romans. But it is worth it, for the Bible is the source of joy, hope and life (Jer. 15:16, John 5:24, Rom. 15:4,5). You should also expect to learn things that will surprise you, not only because Romans will present ideas which are new to you, but also because you may have to correct your thinking about things that you have been previously taught. Finally, you should seek help, God's help, in studying His word. He alone is the expert on the Bible because He wrote it. Therefore, you should study the Bible with a prayerful and humble heart (Psalm 119:18, James 1:5).

We must point out that this course is based upon the King James Version of the Bible. In order to avoid confusion, I recommend that you use that version of the Bible. We should also point out that the objective of this course is to present Biblical principles. It is your job to apply those principles to the particular situations in your own life. This course is meant to help you understand many of the details of Romans, to help you recognize the logical structure that relates the details together, and to help you draw the proper spiritual conclusions. It is my hope that what you learn will shape your thoughts and actions to the end that you will walk more faithfully with your Lord.

In many ways, those things that are of value in this course are the result of other teachers and students who have influenced me. Also, those things that are not as accurate of clear as they could be, being the result of my own sins and weakness. I pray that He who is the source of all wisdom will keep your thoughts clear and your heart true, protecting you from error as well as promoting His will in your life, to His glory and to the spiritual benefit of others whose lives you may influence.

May this study increase your love for the Bible and cause you to delight in serving Him, whose word it is. May the Lord grant you the peace and joy which come from meditating upon and obeying His word.

Sincerely in Christ,

Thomas Schaff

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