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Romans self-study

Instructions for the Romans self-monitored study.

After selecting the chapter of Romans you wish to study (listed below),

1. Read the chapter of Romans in your Bible.

2. Read the Romans analysis associated with the chapter you read.

3. Carefully read and answer the test questions for the appropriate chapter of Romans either on your screen or from your downloaded and printed test. Notice that there are four parts to each test.

a) An observation part. This part is designed to test your ability to read the Bible carefully, with attention to detail.

b) An objective part. This part is designed to test your understanding of the principles and conclusions which are discussed in the analysis which accompanies this study.

c) A short answer part. This part is designed to test your ability to apply the message of Romans to certain problems or life situations.

d) An essay part. This part is designed to test your ability to express in your own words the message of the chapter of Romans you have chosen to study.

The tests are open Bible. We encourage you to read the Bible and the associated analysis as many times as necessary for your understanding of the material.

4. After you complete your test for a chapter of Romans, read the answers on your screen or download the key and compare your answers. Keep in mind that you will learn far more if you complete the test without looking at the answer key in advance.

The self-monitored study of the Romans

Letter to Student

Introduction Introduction Study Introduction Key

Rom. 1:1-17 Analysis Romans 1:1-17 Study Romans 1:1-17 Key

Rom 1:18-32 Analysis Rom 2:1-29 Analysis Rom 3:1-20 Analysis

Rom 1:18-3:20 Study Rom 1:18-3:20 Key

Rom 3:21-28 Analysis Rom 3:21-28 Study Rom 3:21-28 Key

Rom 3:29-4:25 Analy Rom 3:29-4:25 Study Rom 3:29-4:25 Key

Romans 5 Analysis Romans 5 Study Romans 5 Key

Romans 6 Analysis Romans 6 Study Romans 6 Key

Romans 7 Analysis Romans 7 Study Romans 7 Key

Top of List

Romans 8 Analysis Romans 8 Study Romans 8 Key

Romans 9 Analysis Romans 9 Study Romans 9 Key

Romans 10 Analysis Romans 10 Study Romans 10 Key

Romans 11 Analysis Romans 11 Study Romans 11 Key

Romans 12 Analysis Romans 12 Study Romans 12 Key

Romans 13 Analysis Romans 13 Study Romans 13 Key

Rom 14:1-15:7 Analy Rom 14:1-15:7 Study Rom 14:1-15:7 Key

Rom 15:8-16:27 Analy Rom 15:8-16:27 Study Rom 15:8-16:27 Key

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