PRAYER - Introduction

Dear Reader,

In Galatians 4:6 we read, "And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father." From this verse we learn that God the Holy Spirit prays to God the Father through His children. God prays to God through His children! What an amazing idea! That is what prayer is: God giving His children His own desire to pray, His own power to pray and His own words to pray. God causes His children to see why they ought to pray, gives His children the spiritual strength to pray and causes them to understand the spiritual issues which shape their prayers. God has created and saved them for many reasons, and one is to pray.

From this verse we also learn that the Holy Spirit cries "Abba Father" through His children. That is what prayer also is: God causing His children to call upon Himself as their Father, to whom they desire to draw near and to whom they desire to pour out the secrets of their hearts. Almighty Creator God wants sinners to gather around Him as dear and welcomed children. God causes His children to see their need and flee to Him because they trust that He is wise and powerful enough to be able to help and because they trust that He is tender and kind enough to want to help. God also causes His children to seek Him simply because they love Him and want to be with Him in response to all the love He has showered upon them.

Prayers are what God wants from His children. Prayers please Him and make Him happy. He adopted people as His children so that they would pray to Him. If you love God as one of His children, shouldn't you want to give Him what He wants the most? If you are His child, you should pray. You should be compelled to pray. You should delight to pray. To that end, the thoughts in this discussion have been presented to motivate and encourage you to pray with understanding, with boldness and with joy.


Thomas Schaff

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