Observation Part

1. In what way can Revelation be a blessing? (Rev. 1:3)

2. What happens to people who are washed from their sins by the blood of Jesus? (Rev. 1:6)

3. To what two things is Jesus' voice compared? (Rev. 1:10,15)

4. What was John's reaction when he saw Jesus? (Rev. 1:17)

    What was Jesus' response?

5. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Ephesus? (Rev. 2:3)

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Ephesus? (Rev. 2:4)

6. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Smyrna? (Rev. 2:9)

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Smyrna? (Rev. 2:9)

7. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Pergamos? (Rev. 2:13)

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Pergamos? (Rev. 2:14,15)

8. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Thyatira? (Rev. 2:19)

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Thyatira? (Rev. 2:20)

9. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Sardis? (Rev. 3:4)

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Sardis? (Rev. 3:1)

10. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Philadelphia? (Rev. 3:8)

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Philadelphia?

11. What was one positive spiritual characteristic of the church of Laodicea?

    What was one spiritual liability of the church of Laodicea? (Rev. 3:15)

12. What was in the midst and round about the throne which John saw in heaven? (Rev. 4:6)

13. What did the four and twenty elders do with their crowns? (Rev. 4:10)

14. Why did John weep? (Rev. 5:4)

15. Why is the Lamb worthy of praise? (Rev. 5:9,12)

16. How long will God wait to avenge the blood of His people and set all things straight? (Rev. 6:11)

17. Who tries to hide from the wrath of the Lamb? (Rev. 6:15)

18. What must happen before the earth and the sea may be hurt? (Rev. 7:3)

19. How many servants of God are there, who are sealed in their foreheads? (Rev. 7:9,15)

20. What comfort does God promise His people as they dwell in this treacherous and hostile world? (Rev. 7:17)

21. What accompanied the smoke of the incense? (Rev. 8:3)

22. What descended from the alter? (Rev. 8:5)

23. Why did the fountains of waters cause many men to die? (Rev. 8:11)

24. Whom could the locusts hurt? (Rev. 9:4)

25. With what could the locusts hurt men? (Rev. 9:10)

26. Where is the power of the horses? (Rev. 9:19)

27. What will happen in the days when the seventh angel sounds his trumpet? (Rev. 10:7)

28. What happened to John when he ate the little book? (Rev. 10:10)

29. How long will the two witnesses prophesy? (Rev. 11:3)

30. Who are the two witnesses? (Rev. 11:4)

31. What eventually happens to the two witnesses? (Rev. 11:12)

32. With what was the woman clothed? (Rev. 12:1)

33. What was the dragon's objective? (Rev. 12:4)

34. What comes simultaneously with the casting out of Satan into the earth? (Rev. 12:10)

35. How was the woman helped? (Rev. 12:14,16)

36. Who gave the beast power and authority? (Rev. 13:2)

37. With what activities was the beast occupied? (Rev. 13:6,7)

38. What was the objective of the beast which came up out of the earth? (Rev. 13:14)

39. What is the identity of the 144, 000? (Rev. 14:3)

40. With what activity is the Son of man occupied when He comes again on a cloud? (Rev. 14:14,16)

41. What is the contents of the seven golden vials? (Rev. 15:7)

42. What is the unbelievers' reaction to the final judgement? (Rev. 16:9,11)

43. The "great day of God Almighty" when the whole world will be gathered (Rev. 16:14), gathered together at a place called "Armageddon" (Rev. 16:16), can be shown by comparison with Revelation 6:17 to be "the great day of his ."

44. Upon what does the whore sit? (Rev. 17:1,15)

45. With what does the whore identify? (Rev. 17:5)

46. What is the root sin of Babylon? (Heb. 18:7)

47. What is the reaction of the people of the world to the demise of Babylon? (Rev. 18:19)

48. For what, among other things, does the Lord our God deserve honor? (Rev. 19:2)

49. With what is the Lambs's wife attired? (Rev. 19:8)

50. With what was he who rode the white horse attired? (Rev. 19:13)

51. In what way did the binding of Satan limit his activities? (Rev. 20:2)

52. What is the duration of the torment of the lake of fire? (Rev. 20:10)

53. Who would be included in that torment? (Rev. 20:15)

54. Why is there no death, sorrow and crying in the new Jerusalem? (Rev. 21:4,5)

55. By comparing Revelation 21:9 with Revelation 22:9, we learn that the seven angels who had the seven vials of God's wrath

56. Of what is the new Jerusalem made? (Rev. 21:18)

57. Why does the city not need the light of the sun or the moon? (Rev. 21:23)

58. Of what benefit is tree of life in the city? (Rev. 22:2)

59. After Judgement Day, what is expected of the unjust and the filthy as well as of the righteous and holy? (Rev. 22:11)

60. What can a person expect if he adds or takes away from the Bible? (Rev. 22:18,19)

Objective Part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate.

1. The best approach to studying a difficult book like Revelation is to ...

a) understand every verse in a plain common sense way.

b) understand verses physically unless there is an obvious spiritual interpretation.

c) compare the words and phrases in Revelation with the same words and phrases found in different parts of Bible.

d) interpret all things literally.

2.    T    F    Revelation is not written in a linear chronological sequence from beginning to end, because some chapters cover the same period of time as previous chapters.

3.    T    F    The message of Revelation is not something new or unique, but rather concerns the same messages found in the rest of the Bible.

4. Revelation ...

a) is a message about the future which the Father gave to Jesus, who in turn gave it to John and His other servants.

b) is a message about Jesus and the gospel which He originated.

c) is a message about the future, which Jesus gave to angels who in turn gave it to John and to His other servants.

5.    T    F     Many of the events discussed in Revelation were already a reality at the time John the Apostle was alive.

6. Jesus' return ...

a) will be a time of joy because it will begin a new era of grace upon this earth.

b) will be a time of joy because it will begin the restoration of Israel.

c) will be the end of history on this earth and a time of terror for all unbelievers as they face judgement and hell.

7. Jesus is, to the churches on earth, ...

a) a judge.

b) a savior.

c) a savior and a judge.

8.    T    F    The churches named in Revelation 2 and 3 actually represent all churches of all times.

9. The greatest enemies of the churches on earth are ...

a) deceivers from within the churches.

b) deceivers from false prophets who seek to enter the churches.

c) people from occult churches.

d) evil governments.

e) secular and humanistic teachers and social leaders.

10.    T    F    Believers will participate on the Judgment Day as judges with Christ.

11. Jesus knocks on the door ...

a) to see if anyone will open their heart and let Him in.

b) but no one can open the door and fellowship with Him because all men are dead in sin.

c) but will not force Himself in where He is not wanted.

12.    T    F    Revelation 4:1 is a time mark, announcing that all events to follow take place after the rapture of the church.

13. The four beasts in and around the throne in heaven ...

a) represent all of creation.

b) represent special creatures which do God's bidding.

c) Jesus Christ.

d) all of the believers throughout time.

14. The sealed book represents ...

a) the gospel plan of God which was revealed to the Jews but hidden from the gentiles.

b) the gospel plan of God which was not yet fulfilled and proclaimed to all the nations of the world.

c) the gospel of grace veiled to the Jews because of their stubborn unbelief.

15.    T    F    Each seal takes place after the other in chronological order.

16. Place the letter which identifies the seal on the space next to the best description of that seal:

a. The first seal

b. The second seal

c. The third seal

d. The fourth seal

e. The fifth seal

f. The sixth seal

__ Unbelievers are condemned for rejecting the gospel and persecuting its messengers.

__ Judgment Day.

__ Satan and his host are not victorious despite the death of believers.

__ The gospel goes into the world, saving some people and condemning unrepentant sinners.

__ Persecution always follows the proclamation of the gospel.

__ People who reject the gospel and persecute believers will eventually be denied the opportunity to hear gospel.

17.    T    F    According to Revelation 7, men will not be allowed to destroy the environment until God protects the believers.

18. The number 144,000 ...

a) represents Jews who will reign with Christ during the millennium on this earth.

b) is the total amount of believers who will be saved.

c) is the total amount of believers who have been saved up to the time of the vision.

d) represents all of the believers who will ever be saved, those who lived in Old Testament and in New Testament times.

19. Just before Judgment Day will be a time of ...

a) revival in the churches.

b) great physical and political persecution of the churches.

c) hardly any true gospel in the churches.

20.    T    F    The trumpets sound, not to awaken men out of their sinful slumber, but to announce their imminent destruction.

21.    T    F    The prayers of the saints include prayers for God's righteous judgement.

22.    T    F    Before the Day of Judgment, during a short space of time, God destroys the corporate churches throughout the world by allowing them to go apostate.

23. Place the letter which identifies the trumpet on the space next to the best description of that trumpet:

a. The first trumpet

b. The second trumpet

c. The third trumpet

d. The fourth trumpet

e. The fifth trumpet

f. The sixth trumpet

__ God removes the apostate corporate churches as His ambassadors on earth.

__ Satan will appear to have won, having destroyed the witness of the corporate churches, but God is always in control and true believers will have the final victory.

__ God will protect His elect, even as He allows false prophets to destroy the witness of the corporate churches.

__ God's gospel brings the bitter message of judgement and eternal death against apostate corporate churches.

__ God's law brings defilement and death to corporate churches which rebel against His law.

__ God destroys the witness of true believers by allowing corporate churches to go apostate.

24.    T    F    False prophets are clearly recognized for who they are.

25.    T    F    The temple is measured to show how great it is.

26. The two witnesses represent ...

a) national Israel who will eventually triumph over its enemies.

b) the true believers who bring the power of the gospel.

c) the prophets and apostles who had special miraculous power.

d) the priests who administer the ceremonies in Jerusalem.

e) the false prophets who are able to perform powers, signs and lying wonders.

27.    T     F    Just as the physical city of Jerusalem and its temple ceased to be holy after Jesus came the first time, the organized churches of the world will become as unholy as Sodom before Jesus returns.

28. The woman who fled into the wilderness ...

a) reminds us of Hagar who also fled into the wilderness, since both are a picture of an apostate church.

b) reminds us of Israel who also traveled through the wilderness, since both are a picture of how God deals with Israel in history.

c) represents sinners whom God abandons in punishment for their sins.

d) represents true believers who must live in this sinful world and depend upon God for their protection and nourishment.

29. Satan ...

a) was cast out of heaven because he is the prince of this world and controls all things on earth in a way that is similar to how Jesus' controls all things in heaven.

b) was cast out of heaven when Jesus went to the cross and no longer has access to God to accuse the brethren.

c) was cast out of heaven so he could compete with Jesus for control over the earth.

d) will be cast out of heaven after he loses the great war against Jesus at the end of time.

30.    T    F    Satan's ultimate target of attack is the true believers.

31.    T    F    During the Tribulation, while Satan's rule will be worldwide and effective, it outwardly appears that the gospel is flourishing and many are being saved.

32.    T    F    During the Tribulation the man of sin will have total economic control so no one will be able to buy or sell.

33.    T    F    The apostasy of corporate churches and the persecution of believers are under God's control.

34. Jesus shares the administration of Judgment with ...

a) the sinless angels.

b) nobody.

c) the true believers.

d) the apostles and prophets.

35. At the final judgment ...

a) if a person is not saved it will be too late.

b) a person will be offered the gospel one last time before it is too late.

c) the most wicked will be sent to hell while the others will be offered the gospel one last time.

36.    T    F    The seven vials are not consecutive but simultaneous events.

37. Place the letter which identifies the vial on the space next to the best description of that vial:

a. The first vial

b. The second vial

c. The third vial

d. The fourth vial

e. The fifth vial

f. The sixth vial

g. The seventh vial

__ Unsaved people are spiritually dead and unclean.

__ God gives rebellious sinners up to their sin.

__ As God brings Judgment, unbelievers blame God for their misery.

__ The gospel is no longer a blessing to unbelievers.

__ Judgment is complete.

__ God prepares the wicked for Judgment.

__ Men under judgment choose to speak evil of God and continue in their sins.

38. The unsaved members of an apostate church ...

a) tolerate the kingdom of Satan.

b) fear the kingdom of Satan.

c) love the kingdom of Satan.

d) are in competition with the kingdom of Satan

39. Unbelievers who are under Judgment sorrow for the loss of ...

a) the wealth of this world.

b) the blessings of heaven.

c) the fellowship of loved ones.

40.    T    F    History reveals that Jesus has effectively designed and successfully managed His own plan for His universe, even though it is ruined by sin and its inhabitants oppose Him.

41. Jesus' Judgment ...

a) is a vindictive response to men's prideful boasts.

b) is a sadistic delight in repayment for men's cruelty.

c) displays faithfulness to what is right.

42.    T    F    Judgment and wrath do not result in annihilation.

43. When Satan is chained he can no longer ...

a) work his evil in this world.

b) cause governments to persecute believers.

c) threaten national Israel.

d) keep people in the different nations from turning to the gospel.

44.    T    F    The "thousand years" mentioned in Revelation 20 covers a span of time which begins at the time Jesus died and ends when He returns for Judgment.

45. The first resurrection ...

a) describes the time when all believers will be raised in the last days prior to the time when unbelievers will be raised.

b) describes the entrance of new life in the soul of every person who becomes saved.

c) is associated with all of the priests who will work with God and Christ in the new Jerusalem on earth during the millennium.

d) describes those Christians who are particularly holy and whom God will take first with Him to heaven.

46.    T    F    In all that Satan does to deceive people from all nations of the world, we are still able to see God's control over him.

47. The new earth, as well as its inhabitants, ...

a) will be a renewed earth and population, as we know them today but without the curse of sin.

b) will be a restored earth as it was when Adam and Eve lived, and a restored people perfect like Adam and Eve originally were.

c) will be totally spiritual rather than physical.

d) will be something so different that we cannot say anything about it for certain.

48. The holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven, ...

a) is Jerusalem in Palestine to which Jesus Himself has finally come down and has sat on the throne as its King.

b) is the spiritual Jerusalem in heaven which will be home to Jesus and His people.

c) represents all believers who together are themselves the city of God.

49. History ...

a) is the story of Jesus, all that He said and all that He did.

b) is the story of the gospel, its promise and fulfillment.

c) is the story of believers, their salvation and witness.

d) is the story of the nations, their societies and politics.

e) is the story of Satan and his temporary destruction of God's universe.

50.    T    F    Adding or taking away anything from the book of Revelation is the same as adding or taking away from the book of Genesis or Ephesians.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Explain how Revelation 1:6 and 20:6 are fulfilled today. Who are those who are priests, who reign? Describe their activities as people who are priests and kings.

B. Why would Jesus devote so much time with a message for the churches, as for example in the first four chapters of Revelation?

C. How can believers be confident that the physical and spiritual trauma of their day cannot really harm them?

D. How could the silencing of the gospel further God's plans in any way?

E. For what evils are unbelievers judged?

F. How does God reveal His glory?


Write an answer to ONE the following questions or requests. Limit your Essay to two pages double spaced. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Revelation.

Select and quote one verse from the book of Revelation that reveals the power of Jesus Christ. Explain.

Select and quote one verse from the book of Revelation that reveals the blessedness of God's people.

Select and quote one verse from the book of Revelation that reveals the wickedness of Satan and his host. Explain.

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