Observation Part

1. What does God do for His people? (Jude 1)

2. Jude's primary objective was to (Jude 3)

3. Whom did God destroy? (Jude 5)

4. Of what things do wicked men speak evil words?

5. What objects does Jude use to illustrate evil men's empty boasts? (Jude 12)

6. How do evil seek gain an advantage? (Jude 16)

7. How do evil men reveal that they do not have the Spirit? (Jude 18)

8. Upon what do believers focus? (Jude 21)

9. What two things is God able to do? (Jude 24)

10. When does God receive dominion and power? (Jude 25)

Objective Part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate.

1. The certainty that a person's salvation is preserved forever

a) is an arrogant assumption.

b) leads to a careless life.

c) is based upon a person's continued faithfulness.

d) is a result of the fact that salvation is totally a work of God without any contribution by that person.

2.    T    F    The many similarities between the letter of Jude and the letter of II Peter prove that Jude learned and copied from Peter.

3.    T    F    God's salvation promises are to individuals and we cannot expect blessings given to parents also to be found in the lives of their children.

4.    T    F    The gift of salvation includes the desire and ability to recognize false Christians and their evil doctrine.

5. Unsaved people in the church who remain unsaved and are eventually judged ...

a) are ordained or chosen by name to be unsaved.

b) demonstrate the principle that the wages of sin is death.

c) demonstrate that not all of God's people are preserved.

d) demonstrate that the sin's grip on their soul is far stronger than any power to free them.

6. Angels were chained in order that ...

a) they could not prevent people of different nations from coming to salvation.

b) nations could arise which were based on biblical principles.

c) evil spirits and occult activity would cease in the world.

7. The contention between Michael and the devil ...

a) was on equal terms because they were both created spiritual beings.

b) referred to the challenge the devil made to Christ because He had not yet died and risen from the dead.

c) showed that Michael, who was no match for the devil, nevertheless could appeal to God for help.

d) is a pattern for us to rebuke the devil and his host whenever we encounter him.

8. According to Jude 10-16, one outstanding character trait of wicked people is

9.    T    F    Jude's reference to the apocryphal book of Enoch shows that we can use religious books to gain spiritual truth.

10. God's people are preserved in Jesus Christ ... (choose one or more)

a) by isolating them from the influence of this evil human society.

b) by making them immune to the influences of this evil world.

c) by learning to recognize what is true and what is false.

d) as they pray.

e) as they anticipate and long for Jesus' return.

11.    T    F    A believer is called to discern the difference between someone who is interested in listening to the gospel and someone who is only interested in bring his own gospel. This discernment leads a believer to spend time and effort to bring the gospel to a person who is interested in hearing it and leads a believer to avoid the person who has his own gospel.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. If it is in God's hand to preserve His people, why does He instruct them to contend for the faith?

B. What is one example which Jude gives that shows someone falling from the favor and presence of God. Show how the example does not refute the ability of God to preserve His own people's salvation.

C. Why would anyone have the temerity to be vocally arrogant in their opposition to God and His people?


Write an answer to ONE the following questions or requests. Limit your Essay to two pages double spaced. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Jude.

Select and quote one verse from the book of Jude that shows a means which God uses to preserve the salvation of His saints. Explain.

Select and quote one verse from the book of Jude that shows the behavior and therefore the character of the people who seek to destroy the faith of the saints. Explain.

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