Observation Part

1. What means does God use to bring grace and peace to His people?

2. What value are God's promises? (II Peter 1:4)

3. What is the evidence that saving knowledge has been given to a person? (II Peter 1:8)

    What is evidence that saving knowledge has not been given to him (II Peter 1:9)

4. What occupied Peter in his last remaining days on earth?

5. How does the word of the prophets differ from the content of all the other religions of men? (II Peter 1:16)

6. Who was in control of what the prophets spoke? (Peter 1:21)

7. What is one sad result of the evil ways of false prophets? (II Peter 2:2)

8. What does God know? (II Peter 2:9)



9. Who are the victims false prophets' wiles? (II Peter 2:14)

10. For what are false prophets reserved? (II Peter 2:17)

11. Why can't the false prophets cease from sin? (II Peter 2:19)

12. Why are scoffers confident that they will not come into judgment? (II Peter 3:4-6)

13. What ought to be the reaction of believers to the fact that someday this universe will be destroyed with fervent heat? (II Peter 3:11)

14. What blessing comes from the fact that the destruction of the universe has not yet taken place? (II Peter 3:15)

15. How can a person be protected from being led away from the errors of the wicked and the destruction of the universe to come? (II Peter 3:18)

Objective Part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate.

1.    T    F    The focus of many verses in II Peter is upon prophets who had a unique commission from God in contrast to Christians in general.

2.    T    F    Knowledge is the means by which God works to prepare some people for salvation and other people for judgement.

3. God spoke to the prophets and apostles first ...

a) to highlight their superior spiritual condition.

b) to give them a unique message, in order to equip them for leadership.

c) so that they could in turn deliver the blessing to all of God's people for whom His word is intended.

4.    T    F    Believers somehow share in the divine nature or essence of God Himself.

5.    T    F    The evidence of salvation in peoples' lives verified both the prophets' message and their commission.

6.    T    F    Jesus' resurrection proved to Peter that He was divine.

7. The analysis of a passage of the Bible and the resultant conclusions which are drawn from that analysis ...

a) depends upon what is written in the rest of the Bible.

b) is subject to the interpretation of several scholars who have consulted with each other.

c) must conform to the interpretation which the Holy Spirit gives to those who wait for his inspiration.

d) depends upon the student's ability to study the Bible.

8. According to II Peter 2:1, ...

a) it is possible for saved people to deny the Lord and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

b) God causes saved people, who deny their Lord, to physically die in order to prevent them from going deeper into sin and being judged at the last day.

c) some people who join an organized church and who take a leadership role in the church, not only are unsaved themselves but also are used by Satan to destroy the church.

9. That the scales of justice will eventually be balanced is ...

a) certain based upon historical precedent.

b) uncertain because of the delay in God's retribution.

c) certain although for now the advancement of sin shows that wickedness is out of control.

d) certain although for now the advancement of sin shows that God is now overlooking sin as He bides His time until Judgment Day.

10.    T    F    Understanding the physical processes going on in the earth today is the key to understanding the physical processes which have gone on since before men lived on the earth.

11.    T    F    Because of the overwhelming scientific evidence, we must seek to understand the first chapters of the book of Genesis in light of evolution.

12.    T    F    Evolution as well as Creation are both religious explanations of the origin of the universe.

13.    T    F    If God did not create the universe in 6 days as described in Genesis, then He did not provide salvation from the penalty and power of sin.

14.    T    F    The teaching of evolution motivates and promotes a wicked and purposeless life style.

15.    T    F    No important scientists, today or in the past, have ever held to the view of creation as described in the Bible.

16.    T    F    Evolution contradicts the observed fact that life does not come from non life.

17.    T    F    Evolution contradicts the observed fact that the universe is wearing out rather than becoming more complex.

18.    T    F    Only the Bible, in its account of creation, has an answer to the question of the origin of all things.

19.    T    F    The form and function of everything in the universe shows evidence of design and purpose and therefore of being a product of a designer.

20.    T    F    There will be enough time for God to save the multitude of His elect throughout the world.

21. God wills for all ...

a) men to be saved and has given to all men the power to choose between good and evil. However, most men choose not to repent from their sins.

b) of "us" elect to be saved because He knows in advance who the elect are and then waits for them to turn from their sins.

c) men to be saved. Although men stubbornly remain in their sins, he is patient so that eventually most will be saved.

d) of "us" elect to be saved and waits for His time and way to save them.

22.    T    F    According to God's promise, in the future, believers will live in the same physical universe but it will be restored to its original perfection.

23.    T    F    Both Peter and Paul knew that they were writing God's word.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Why might it seem that God's word is not true? According to II Peter, what is the response to that impression?

B. Show from the book of II Peter the value of knowing the events of the past.

C. How can we demonstrate from the book of II Peter that God's promises for His people are not material but spiritual?


Write an answer to ONE the following questions or requests. Limit your Essay to two pages double spaced. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of II Peter.

Select and quote one verse from the book of II Peter that shows that the prophets knew that they were speaking and writing God's word. Explain.

Select and quote one verse from the book of II Peter that shows how the counterfeit words of false prophets are exposed. Explain.

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