Observation Part

1. What picture does Peter use to show how the blood of Jesus is applied to God's people?

2. What motivated God to beget His people? (I Peter 1:3)

3. What is in the heart of every Christians who suffers? (I Peter 1:6)

    What can result from a proper Christian response to suffering? (I Peter 1:7)

4. To whom did the prophets minister

5. Of all the personalities known to men, who ought to be their standard for life? (I Peter 1:15,16)

6. Of what value is Jesus' personal suffering? (I Peter 1:18)

7. What is the means by which God begets His children? (I Peter 1:23)

8. Believers are stones in what kind of house? (I Peter 2:5)

9. For what purpose did God choose His people? (I Peter 2:9)

10. What is the best way to silence foolish men? (I Peter 2:15)

11. How did Jesus reconcile in His mind the injustices of His attackers toward Him? (I Peter 2:23)

12. From what are God's people healed? (I Peter 2:24)

13. What is the most effective tactic a believing wife could use to interest her husband in the gospel? (I Peter 3:1,2)

14. How could a husband's neglect in honoring his wife be a liability to his Christian walk? (I Peter 3:7)

15. To what kind of response is a Christian called when he is the object of the evil actions and words of others? (I Peter 3:9)

16. Although God does not give everyone the gift of preaching and teaching, what can He expect from every Christian? (I Peter 3:15)

17. What eventually happened to Jesus Christ, who endured so much suffering? (I Peter 3:22)

18. What upsets unbelievers and causes them to speak evil of Christians? (I Peter 4:4)

19. What compels Christians to sobriety and prayer? (I Peter 4:7)

20. What is the only kind of human suffering that has any value? (I Peter 4:14,16)

21. What is the ultimate reason that Christians suffer? (I Peter 4:19)

22. What is the proper way for a man to be a shepherd of God's flock? (I Peter 5:3)

23. What ought to be the attitude of Christians who lead the flock as well as Christians who are being led? (I Peter 5:5,6)

24. What is the best defense against the attacks of the devil? (I Peter 5:9)

25. Although Christians are called to suffer a while, to what else are they called? (I Peter 5:10)

Objective Part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate.

1.    T    F    Peter is an example of all of God's people.

2.    T    F    Peter had no special preeminence above any other disciple, but he was one of the objects of God's special training.

3. The principles which God teaches through Peter are ... (choose one or more)

a) suffering shows that the universe has gone uncontrollably wild under the curse of sin.

b) the cause of suffering belongs to God but the fault belongs to men.

c) suffering is only understood from a spiritual point of view.

d) suffering must ultimately be attributed to the deeper spiritual conflict between God and Satan.

e) a person's reaction to suffering is a window into his heart.

4.    T    F    The book of I Peter was written to Jewish believers scattered throughout the Mediterranean.

5.    T    F    Christians are expected to rejoice, even if their bodies are wounded, their reputations slandered or their loved ones harmed.

6.    T    F    Jesus' and Christians' reaction to suffering reveals that God is in control and able to keep His word.

7.    T    F    Wanting to do something which is sinful and not doing it is just as bad as doing it.

8. The change required for a person to obey God from the heart is so great that the Bible describes it as a

9. The principle upon which the gospel change in a believer's heart is based can be stated as ...

a) God helps those who help themselves.

b) survival of the fittest.

c) mercy triumphs over judgment.

d) kind begets kind.

10. One big source of believers' persecution and suffering is from

a) the law.

b) churches.

c) other believers.

d) famine and disease.

11. The desire for revenge can be traced to hatred of ...

a) God Himself.

b) evil.

c) justice.

d) self.

12. The desire for revenge is fueled by ...

a) injustice.

b) conscience.

c) pride.

d) the law.

13. The Christian response to personal abuse is founded upon

a) the desire that God's enemies receive what they deserve for their insolence.

b) the security believers have in God's redeeming love.

c) the love of God, which causes Him to overlook and forget the sins of men.

d) a disgust for sin and a fear of condemnation.

14. God applies justice to the affairs of men today...

a) rarely, since most evil men get away with their wickedness.

b) by means of lawsuits.

c) by means of civil authorities.

d) through the protests and social actions of believers.

15.    T    F    A believer should always pray for his attackers, that they be spared eternal damnation in hell.

16. The opposite of a desire for revenge is ...

a) a resignation with the persistent evil in this world.

b) an avoidance of wicked people.

c) arming oneself to repel attackers and avoid being a victim.

d) a trust in God, even though injustice sometimes prevails.

17. Marriage conflicts are best handled by ...

a) challenging the sinful partner.

b) retaliation against the sinful partner.

c) educating the sinful partner.

d) submitting to God and humbly serving the sinful partner.

18. Jesus Christ suffered ...

a) as an example so sinners could know how to suffer in order to please God.

b) as the first Christian.

c) to display the work of grace.

d) more physical harm than any other person who followed Him.

19.    T    F    Jesus began the experience of death, which was required in order to pay for sins, before He was nailed to the cross.

20.    T    F    Physical suffering itself has no spiritual merit.

21. Jesus preached to the spirits in prison ...

a) after He died on the cross and went into the lower parts of the earth.

b) through the preachers of the gospel whom He sent into the world.

c) because, as criminals, they were especially rebellious and were in great need of the gospel.

22. According to I Peter 4:1, ...

a) a Christian, in imitation of Christ, has a mind which is no longer effected by what he suffers.

b) a Christian suffers as Christ did. Once that suffering is completed, he no longer sins.

c) a Christian is purged from the desires to sin through his sufferings.

d) a Christian's inner man, or soul, has ceased from sin.

23. The gospel is preached unto people who are dead ...

a) so that when Judgment Day comes everyone, both saved and unsaved throughout history, will stand before God to give an account.

b) in their sins and who will be sentenced to the death of hell on Judgment Day, unless they repent and believe the gospel.

c) having died before Jesus came to earth, so that they will have a chance to believe too.

24.    T    F    According to I Peter 4:11, Christians are encouraged to seek and speak new revelation from God.

25.    T    F    Someone, whom God allows to successfully pursue his evil persecution of true believers, reveals through the suffering he causes that he is an unbeliever ripe for judgement.

26.    T    F    Sometimes God allows true believers to endure suffering at the hands of evil people to accomplish His will. One of His objectives is to promote trust in the hearts of His people.

27. Men faithfully lead a congregation as they ...



28. Peter's counsel to those who suffer is that ... (choose one or more)

a) by the proper mental focus they can draw upon the strength which is within themselves and meet the challenge.

b) they should not complain but take abuse maturely in as much as others suffer too.

c) they should control their complaints, since what they say might tend to discourage others.

d) it is a good thing for Christians to be reminded of their weakness and their dependence upon God.

e) the mighty hand which brought the suffering is the same mighty hand which will turn it to good and will, at the right time, remove it altogether.

f) they can be comforted that their enemies will eventually get what is coming to them from the hand of an angry God.

g) prayer helps a believer look beyond the struggle to the bigger picture of salvation and judgement.

h) although they do not understand all that is going on, they can be assured that God's great work in the past is evidence He cares and is able to help them now.

i) suffering is unfair because Christians usually are gracious to others, including their enemies. Therefore, Christians do not deserve the abuse.

j) suffering is almost always their own fault because they still are sinners and do not obey God as they should.

29.    T    F    Believers should never take the attacks of evil men against themselves personally.

30. Satan's object of attack is ...

a) Christ Himself.

b) believers who witness faithfully for Christ.

c) unbelievers who want to be in control of their own lives.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Why is the physical misery of some Christians on earth not an indication that something is wrong with their Christian walk or that God has forgotten them?

B. Show from the book of I Peter the value of God's written word has for a Christian who must face suffering in his life.

C. Show from the book of I Peter how peoples' reaction to suffering is a revealer of their true spiritual condition.


Write an answer to ONE the following questions or requests. Limit your Essay to two pages double spaced. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of I Peter.

Select and quote one verse from the book of I Peter that shows the value of responding to suffering as a Christian. Explain.

Select and quote one verse from the book of I Peter that shows the ultimate or the immediate cause of a Christian's suffering. Explain.

Select and quote one verse from I Peter that shows how a Christian is supported in his sufferings on earth? Explain.

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