MARK TEST - Answer Key

Observation part

1. What was the objective of John the Baptist's ministry? (Mark 1:2) PREPARE JESUS' WAY

2. What was Jesus' objective for His disciples? (Mark 1:17) TO MAKE THEM FISHERS OF MEN

3. What was Jesus' objective for Himself? (Mark 2:17) CALL SINNERS TO REPENTANCE

4. Where must new wine be placed? (Mark 2:22) IN NEW BOTTLES

    "New wine" understood in light of Zechariah 9:17 represents the goodness of God. In light of II Corinthians 5:17, what does "new bottles" represent? Christians' NEW HEART

5. What is the answer that Jesus gave to the two questions in Mark 3:4? (Mark 3:5) DO GOOD SAVE A LIFE

    What did the religious rulers think of what Jesus did? (Mark 3:6) THEY WANTED TO KILL JESUS

6. According to Mark 3:22 and 30, what does "blaspheme against the Holy Ghost" mean? TO SAY (FROM HIS HEART) JESUS HAS AN UNCLEAN SPIRIT

7. For whom are things done in parables? (Mark 4:11) FOR THEM THAT ARE WITHOUT

    For what purpose are things done in parables? (Mark 4:12) THAT THEY MAY NOT SEE

8. According to Psalm 107:23-31, what is the answer to the question in Mark 4:41? JESUS IS GOD

9. What was the peoples' reaction after they saw how Jesus had healed the man with an unclean spirit? (Mark 5:17) THEY WANTED HIM TO DEPART

10. What are two things that Jesus did to restore the little girl? (Mark 5:41) HE TOOK HER BY THE HAND AND SPOKE TO HER

11. Where is a prophet least likely to be honored? (Mark 6:4) IN HIS OWN COUNTRY, KIN AND HOUSE

12. What troubled Jesus most about the multitudes? (Mark 6:34) THEY HAD NO SHEPHERD

13. What troubled the pharisees about Jesus' disciples? (Mark 7:5) THEY WALKED NOT AFTER THE TRADITION OF THE ELDERS

14 What is the answer to the question in Mark 8:36? (Mark 8:35) NO PROFIT AT ALL

15. What did Jesus look like on the Mount of Transfiguration? (Mark 9:3) WHITE AS SNOW

16. What was the father's reply to Jesus' statement about belief? (Mark 9:24) I BELIEVE HELP THOU MY UNBELIEF

17. What must accompany every sacrifice? (Mark 9:49) SALT

18. What did Jesus do to the little child? (Mark 10:16) HE TOOK THE CHILD IN HIS ARMS AND BLESSED HIM

19. How can we recognize a person who is great among Christians? (Mark 10:43) HE IS A SERVANT

20. What did the people do when Jesus entered Jerusalem? (Mark 11:8) THEY THREW GARMENTS AND BRANCHES AT HIS FEET

    What did they say about the kingdom? (Mark 11:10) KINGDOM OF DAVID COMES, HOSANNAH

21. What happened to the fig tree overnight? (Mark 11:20) IT DRIED UP AT THE ROOTS

22. What scriptural evidence did Jesus give that there is a resurrection? (Mark 12:26) HE IS THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB

23. What did the widow give to God? (Mark 12:44) ALL HER LIVING

24. What advice does Jesus give three times? (Mark 13:32-37) WATCH

25. For what purpose did Jesus allow the woman to anoint Him with ointment of spikenard? (Mark 14:8) FOR HIS BURIAL

26. What was Peter's boast when they were on the Mount of Olives? (Mark 14:29) I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED AT YOU

27. What answer did Jesus give to Peter's bold statement? (Mark 14:30) YOU WILL DENY ME THREE TIMES

28. How successful were Jesus' accusers in their quest for witness against Jesus? (Mark 14:55) THEY FOUND NO ONE

29. What answer did the religious leaders and the people give Pilate to his question in Mark 15:14? CRUCIFY HIM

30. Did the verbal abuse of Jesus cease when He was on the cross? (Mark 15:29, 31) NO

31. Who finally recognized Jesus for who He was? (Mark 15:39) A CENTURION

32. What was the reaction of the disciples to Mary Magdalene's statement that Jesus was alive? (Mark 16:11) THEY DID NOT BELIEVE HER

33. Where did Jesus go when He was received up into heaven? (Mark 16:19) TO THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD

34. What are two things that Jesus promised He would do in heaven? (Mark 16:20) WORK WITH THEM , CONFIRM THE WORD

Objective part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate

1.    T    F*    The shortness of the Gospel of Mark plus the absence of any description of Jesus birth and early life show that Mark wrote from second hand accounts of other eyewitnesses.

2. John Mark ...

a) showed he was cut out for writing rather than for missionary work.

b)* matured in his commitment and service to the Lord Jesus.

c) received special consideration from Paul because he was the nephew of Barnabas.

3.    T*    F    John the Baptist was a figure of a man whose sins could not be covered by the law of God.

4. The different stories in Mark 2 can be tied together by noticing that they all display Jesus' AUTHORITY TO FORGIVE SINS .

5. The Sabbath Day ... (choose one or more):

a)* tells the story of a God who works for men's salvation and of men who rest in God's grace and serve Him in the gospel.

b)* was a Jewish idol.

c) was violated by Jesus' disciples because they were believers and all their sins were forgiven.

d) was violated by Jesus because He is the lawmaker and can do what he wants.

6.    T    F*    The unforgivable sin refers to a person's refusal to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

7.    T*    F    In order to fully understand a New Testament verse, it is necessary to see its connection to the Old Testament.

8.    T    F*    It's sufficient to understand the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-9 in light of Jesus' explanation in Mark 4:14-20, without needing to refer to other passages of the Bible.

9. Mark 5:1-15 ...

a) teaches about the great needs of the worst kind of sinners and the importance of helping them.

b)* is a picture of all sinners before they are saved and the effect of God's grace upon them after they are saved.

c) is an unusual historical account that is reminds us what missionaries must encounter in the most primitive situations.

d) reminds us that the fundamental problem of people is that they must be rescued from the clutches of Satan and his evil demons.

10. The different stories in Mark 7 can be tied together by noticing that they all teach THE NEED TO BE CLEAN BEFORE THE LAW

11. The differences between the details of a story found in more than one gospel ...

a) reminds us to be cautious about making too much about the details of a story.

b) show the human element God used to write the Bible, in as much as the differences in each account is attributed to imperfect memory of the men who wrote it.

c) mean that in proper Bible study it is only the general impression and overall message which is important.

d)* mean that we must combine the different stories to get the full story to which each gospel contributes.

12.    T*    F    Mark 7:33 is a picture of the spiritual truth that Jesus must put the law into a person's ears in order for them to hear it.

13. Mark 10:16 means Jesus ...

a) had strong arms since He was a carpenter.

b) demonstrated the value of affection when dealing with children.

c)* was identifying Himself with the arms of God mentioned in the Old Testament.

14.    T*    F    In Mark 10:39, The words "ye shall indeed drink the cup," equivalent to the words "be baptized," refer to the spiritual idea that people who are saved experience God's wrath in that Christ endured God's wrath on their behalf.

15. Mark 13:14 means ...

a)* true believers must flee from the apostate churches during the tribulation.

b) Jews who are living in Palestine are warned to escape the attacks which will come upon the nation of Israel during the tribulation.

c) when the antichrist reigns from the temple in Jerusalem true believers must flee capture to avoid his control over them.

16. Jesus' strong words in Mark 16:14 ...

a) show His frustration because of years of the apostles' stubbornness and weakness of faith.

b) reveal how fragile the apostles' salvation was.

c)* reflect the sinfulness of all people and the need for God to reveal truth of the gospel to those who would otherwise not understand it.

d) was a warning to the remaining eleven apostles to not imitate the way of Judas.

17.    T*    F    Mark 16:17,18 must be understood, not in a physical way, but in a spiritual way to refer to the evangelistic work of believers who bring God's gospel with the results that sinners are free from the power of sin and Satan.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Jesus said in Mark 5:39, "the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth." How is this statement a comment upon the spiritual situation of the damsel? Why did He choose to say it in the hearing of them who wept and wailed greatly? THE DAMSEL IS A PICTURE (OR IS) AN ELECT CHILD OF GOD. THEREFORE, SHE WAS NOT PERMANENTLY DEAD. AS SOMEBODY WHO IS ASLEEP, SHE WOULD ARISE AGAIN JESUS COMMENTS DISPLAYED THE UNBELIEF OF THE PEOPLE

B. Why is Jesus' statement in Mark 10:24 true? Why were the disciples so astonished at Jesus' words? (Matthew 6 may help. See also I Timothy 6.) MEN WORSHIP EARTHLY TREASURES MEN ARE EASILY SNARED BY RICHES, FOR THEY BECOME PROUD AND HIGH MINDED

C. What spiritual significance does the crown of thorns have in Mark 15:17? (See Genesis 3) THE KING WAS CURSED


Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. Limit your essay to two pages double spaced. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Mark.

Find and quote one verse from the Gospel of Mark that describes Jesus Christ's objective as a servant. Explain. THE ANSWER MUST INCLUDE THE FACT THAT JESUS IS THE SAVIOR

Find and quote one verse from the Gospel of Mark that describes the opposition to Jesus Christ's service. Explain. SOME POSSIBLE ANSWERS ARE: OPPOSITION OF UNBELIEF, OPPOSITION OF THE RELIGIOUS RULERS, OPPOSITION OF SATAN AND HIS HOST


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