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Moving On

Now that you have learned the proper perspective and some of the methods for successful Bible Study, are you ready to begin? The best way to develop your own Bible study skills is to do it. Therefore, once you have read the Getting Started page to this website, we invite and encourage you to participate in the following self-monitored studies. Having practiced with these studies, you can go on to study any other part of the Bible. I hope that they begin your life-long journey and adventure through the Bible.

“New Testament Survey” offers a short study of each book of the New Testament.

"Romans" offers a more detailed study of the book of Romans.

“I Corinthians” offers a more detailed study of the book of I Corinthians.

“Colossians” offers a more detailed study of the book of Colossians.

Note that this site is designed for someone who wishes to study the English Bible, rather than for someone who wants to investigate the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

Also note that the self-monitored studies on this website are based upon the King James Bible. To avoid confusion and take maximum advantage of what this site offers, we suggest that you consult that translation as you participate in these studies.

New Testament Survey Romans 1 Corinthians Colossians

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