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Our view of the beginning of the physical universe has a big effect upon our view of the Bible and the message it brings.

The reason is that the Bible declares God to be the Creator of the universe.  The Bible tells us that the universe began and remains in His hands.   The creation story is the foundation of all that we read in the Bible.

So, our willingness to agree with the Bible is the basis for our trust in it and the value we place upon it.  Also, our willingness to conform our thinking to what it says leads us to a more accurate and deeper understanding of its message.  That is, when we have a correct, biblical view of how and when we came to be, we then will have a true view of why we are here and what the Bible has called us to do with our lives.

With that in mind, we invite you to read a discussion of what the Bible has told us happened "In the beginning."

We have divided this discussion in two.

In the first part, we shall try to understand Genesis 1:1-5, both the historical message and the verses' spiritual intent.  That is, we shall try  to see what the verses explain about the Gospel.

In the second part, we compare the explanation of the origin of the universe as a product of Godís hand with the explanation of the origin of the universe independent from God.  That is, we shall try to clarify the conflict between Creation and Evolution.

Genesis 1:1-5 Creation & Evolution

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