My name is Thomas Schaff. 

My mission is to help you become an independent, analytical Bible student.

By the word "independent," I do not mean the you despise or ignore what other people have learned from the Bible.  You may profit from the truths that God gives to many different people.  The Bible tells us that iron sharpens iron and in the counsel of more than one is wisdom.  Besides, coming to a view of a verse that is totally unique from anyone else could mean that your idea is a product of your own imagination or prejudice rather than of God.

However, it is important to recognize that if you ask God for wisdom He promises to teach you through His Word.  Yes, He gives teachers to help you learn.  But first of all you must learn through your own personal encounter with the Bible.  You must never depend upon another person as the final authority on an issue.  You must never receive an explanation of a verse from another person without first examining the verse yourself and without critically evaluating what you hear or read.

I want you to be encouraged rather than intimidated.  Do not be dissuaded by the idea that you need an extensive, formal Bible training to search the scriptures, or that you need a special talent.  Do not compare yourself to a Bible teacher, decide that you do not have the gift he seems to demonstrate and so abandon your own investigation of the Bible.  The one qualification you need is an interest in the Bible.  If you have the privilege of both having a Bible and living where you are able to read it freely, then use the opportunity and time to learn from God's Word yourself.  You can and you must study the Bible. Not only does God welcome you to spend time with Him in His Word, but also He warns you not to be lazy or trust the words of men.

By the word "analytical," I mean that you base your understanding of the Bible upon a careful and rigorous examination of the details of the passage at hand as well as the context in which the details are found, rather than allow a vague, general, commonly accepted view be your guide.  Also, I mean that your conclusion agrees with and is tested by all that the Bible says.  It is the objective of this website to prepare you to do that.

The mistakes that you find in this website are all mine, which is good.  It shows that you may learn some things from another person but you cannot completely trust anyone else, including me.  You must trust God alone to teach you His Word.  If the the principles and methods that are taught here help you to cultivate and nurture your own study of the Bible, make you more dependent upon God and less upon another teacher or leader, my objective will have been met.

If you want to write to me about anything concerning this website or the Bible, I'll try to respond as soon as I can.  I welcome your questions and comments.  The e-mail address for this site is:


Thank You

Thomas Schaff