Observation Part

1. How does Paul meet the qualifications of an apostle described in Acts 1:22? (verse 1)

2. In what ways was Paul Free?

a. (verse 4)

b. (verse 5)

c. (verse 6)

3. Verse 14 describes an important principle in this chapter. How is the principle supported by common experience? (verse 7)

    How is this principle supported by Scripture? (verse 9)

4. What was Paul's financial expectation from laboring with the Corinthians? (verse 15-17)

5. What was Paul's greatest objective for other people? (verse 22)

6. What was Paul's greatest objective for himself? (verse 23, 27)

Objective part

1.    T    F    One important evidence of Paul's apostleship was the spiritual life of many members of the Corinthian church.

2. In what way did Peter and the other apostles of the Lord differ from Paul?

3. The principle that a minister may partake of physical support from those to whom he ministers is supported in two ways,


    and from

4. Paul did not take physical support from the Corinthians because:

a) He did not need it since he trusted God for his day to day needs.

b) Taking money from them would be merchandising the Gospel.

c) He knew some people would use his acceptance of that support to discredit the gospel.

d) He did not deserve it because he was never around Corinth.

5.    T    F    Paul felt obligated to preach the gospel.

6. Verses 20-22 teach:

a) It is best to be all things to all men to gain their friendship before we can witness to them.

b) We must imitate the lifestyle of those to whom we are witnessing in order to gain their confidence.

c) We must look for a point of common experience with those to whom we witness.

7.    T    F    Paul meant in verse 23 that he would partake in the blessings of salvation with the Corinthians only if he was an effective witness to others.

8.    T    F    We must have as much interest in our own salvation as in the salvation of others.

9.    T    F    The incorruptible crown mentioned in verse 25 is the special extra blessing faithful ministers get at Judgment Day for a job well done.

10. The main message of Verse 27 is:

a) That Paul was concerned about losing his salvation if he were to indulge the lusts of his body.

b) That Paul realized certain physical exercises were helpful to avoid a sinful life.

c) That a person can become less useful to the Lord if his personal life is not in order.

d) That involvement in a Christian ministry is no substitute for salvation.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Why was Paul motivated to refuse material support from the Corinthian church? Of what did the church accuse him for refusing support?

B. To what extent ought a Christian become like those to whom he is trying to witness. What possible advantages and dangers are there for a Christian and his message with such identification?


Write an answer to the following question or request. Limit your essay to two pages double spaced typed. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Chapter 9.

Many Gospel Ministries employ persons full-time who do not support themselves independently of the ministry in which they work but receive full-time wages from that ministry. How does this accord with the Will of God expressed in chapter 9?

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