Observation Part

1. What can knowledge sometimes result in? (verse 1)

2. What does charity (love) result in? (verse 1)

3. How can we be sure that God knows us? (verse 3)

4. What are two things we know? (verse 4)



5. What is the weak man's attitude toward idols? (verse 7)

6. How does physical food affect our attitude toward God? (verse 8)

7. What is our obligation toward a weak Christian? (verse 13)

Objective part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate

1. The word "but" in verse 3 highlights the fact that there is a contrast between the word "love" in verse 3 and the words "                " in verse 2.

2. The reason "there is not in every man that knowledge" as stated in verse 7 is that

a) those without that knowledge are all unbelievers.

b) some in the congregation are weak believers who are bothered by sinful habits of their past.

c) some in the congregation are not as educated or intelligent as others.

d) not all men are apostles and so do not have special God-given insight.

3. Verses 8 and 9 teach:

a) Since our spiritual salvation is not strengthened or weakened by what we eat, we should not insist upon liberty if it would hurt another's conscience.

b) We can eat whatever we want since it does not affect our relationship with God, but at the same time we must educate others to be sure they have the knowledge the Bible presents.

c) Anyone who is offended by what another Christian eats must realize that they are reacting like a weak person, and by their lack of knowledge they are hindering others from full expression of their Christian liberty.

4. The phrase in verse 11 "the weak brother perish" means:

a) Believers can lose their salvation.

b) Believers will be accountable to God at Judgment Day for their attitude and behavior toward other weaker church members.

c) Those who understand the Word of God must not act in such a way that would promote sin in other people's life.

5. Verse 13 teaches that:

a) We must always be careful not to hurt another's feelings.

b) We must deny ourselves physical blessings because this will help to bring peace between people.

c) We are our brother's keeper in spiritual matters.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Compare Chapter 8 with the story in Luke 10:25-37. What important truth do both of these passages teach?

B. Why are some church members not as spiritually mature as others? What are the reasons that they do not understand the Bible nor obey as faithfully as other church members do?


Write an answer to the following question or request. Please limit your essay to two pages double spaced typed. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Chapter 8.

Discuss the difference between those things that are essential to salvation and those things which are not as important. How does this affect the life of a mature believer?

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