Observation Part

1. If touching a women is a problem for a man and he is eligible to marry, what should he do? (verse 2)

2. What does God call the state of singleness or marriage? (verse 7)

3. What is the proper thing to do if a person is married? (verse 10)

4. What is the proper thing to do if a person is divorced? (verse 11)



5. What are God's purposes in preserving a marriage, even when only one partner is a believer?

(verse 14)

(verse 16)

6. What is the proper desire and attitude of a Christian in the life situation in which he finds himself? (verse 17,20)

7. What eternal spiritual value does a ceremony such as physical circumcision have? (verses 18,19)

8. What must a Christian always avoid in the life situation in which he finds himself? (verses 22, 23)

9. What advice does the Bible give to single people? (verses 26,27)

    Why? (verses 32,34)

10 What is Paul's advice in verse 28 to those who marry?

11 What should a married person keep in mind? (verses 33,34)

12 How long does a marriage bond last? (verse 39)

Objective part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate

1. State the two principles of marriage and singleness presented in this chapter and give the number of the verse in which each is found.

2. The phrase in verse 2 "let every woman have her own husband" means:

a) Every woman should seek a husband.

b) Every woman should not seek someone else's husband.

c) When physical interest increases, it is best to go ahead and get married rather than continue in that relationship as an unmarried person.

3.    T    F    Verse 6 means that God did not command Paul to write the words of I Cor. 7:1-5, rather they are Paul's own personal advice which God permitted him to write.

4.    T    F    Verse 7 means that the most God-glorifying relationship is to be as Paul was, single.

5. Verse 9 implies:

a) Lustful desires are corrected by marriage.

b) A person who is married reveals a weak moral character.

c) Two people who are already in a God-glorifying relationship ought to resolve the problem of increased physical attraction by marriage.

6. When Paul came to Corinth and preached the Gospel ...

a) some of the citizens who joined the church were already married to unbelievers. What is Paul's advice to them?

b) some of the citizens who joined the church had already divorced their partner (and were not remarried). What is Paul's advice to them?

7. The phrase in verse 14 "Now are they holy" means:

a) God guarantees to save the children of a home where at least one parent is a believer.

b) Children in a home where at least one parent is a believer will be more obedient than other children.

c) Children in a home where at least one parent is a believer will have the Gospel close to them.

8.    T    F    The word "bondage" in verse 15 is the same word as the word "bound" in verse 27.

9. Verses 18-24 express the idea that:

a) Spiritual people are content no matter what their calling in life.

b) Our salvation depends upon working faithfully in the calling to which God has called us.

c) We can serve God better as a free man rather than as a slave.

10.    T    F    Verses 25-31 reveal that a single life is superior to a married life.

11.    T    F    The idea of verse 29 is not to wish you were single, but to have the same priorities as those who are not married.

12. Verse 33 is an observation of a:

a) Busy and harried husband.

b) Faithful and loving husband.

c) Discontented and frustrated husband.

13 The word "virgin" in verses 34-38 refers to:

a) A girlfriend.

b) A daughter.

c) A wife.

14 The phrase in verse 40 "and I think also" means:

a) I am pretty sure but not certain.

b) This is only my opinion based upon my experience.

c) Since the Holy Spirit guided my thinking I believe this to be true.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. What are the root causes and attitudes that cause unhappiness and problems in man/woman relationships?

B. What are the blessings of being single?

C. What are the blessings of being married?

D. What advice would you give to someone who had married before they became Christian? What would you say if the person got a divorce before they became a Christian?


Write an answer to the following question or request. Limit your essay to two pages double spaced typed. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Chapter 7.

Why are problems related to the man/women relationship so serious?

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