Observation Part

1. What is the most important attribute of a steward of God? (verse 2)

2. What did the Corinthians have that they did not receive by grace? (verses 3:22, 4:7)

3. Some of the members of the Corinthian church had too high a regard for men such as the apostles. To correct this view, Paul gave them some facts in verses 9-13. What reputation do the apostles have in the world?

    What wealth do the apostles have in this world?

4. Why did some members of the church feel they could say and do what they want? (verse 18)

Objective part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate

1. Explain the term "steward" in verse 2.

2. The phrase "But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you" means:

a) Paul holds a grudge against them and doesn't care about their opinion.

b) Paul is reacting in righteous jealousy because some prefer others over him.

c) They have shown themselves unable to judge spiritual issues, so their judgement doesn't matter to him.

3. Two reasons why it is not our business to judge another person's ministry at the present time are (choose two)

a) the results of a man's ministry is in the hand of God.

b) we should wait and get other people to support our judgement.

c) we easily make the wrong evaluation.

d) we have to it give enough time to see if it is going to be successful.

4. The word "glory" in verse 7 refers to:

a) Their boast that they did not receive their blessings as a gift, but as a result of their own efforts.

b) The Lord who alone is glorious.

c) Their own glory as a believer.

d) The fact that they received the gospel from Paul.

5.    T    F    The words "king" and "reign" refer to the believer's dominion over sin and his carnal nature.

6. Verses 9 through 13

a) list the difficulties which were common to faithful ministers for the purpose of obtaining the Corinthians' sympathy and respect.

b) illustrate the reaction of the world to a faithful steward's witness for the purpose of preparing the Corinthians in their own witness.

c) prove that faithful ministers rank quite low by worldly measurements for the purpose of removing the Corinthians' focus off of men.

7.    T    F    What Paul wrote in chapter 4, he wrote as a father would to a naughty child in order to shame them into repentance and obedience.

8.    T    F    Paul imitated God and he expected the Corinthians to imitate God as he did.

9. To what does the word "power" in verses 19 and 20 refer?

10 To what does the word "word" in verse 20 refer?

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Explain the term "steward" in verse 2.

B. How can we discern faithfulness in a minister? What can we find in chapter 4 that will help a congregation as it calls a pastor?

C. What is Paul implying by the question in verse 7? What does Paul think is the basis of the pride of some in the congregation?

D. What does Paul mean in verses 19 and 20? How will Paul evaluate the boasts of some in the congregation?


Write an answer to the following question or request. Limit your essay to two pages double spaced typed. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Chapter 4.

What does Chapter 4 reveal about Paul's personal interest in the Corinthian church?

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