Observation Part

1. From verses 1-4, what was the content of Paul's Gospel message?

    What was Paul's approach in his Gospel presentation?

2. Why was it important to point out that he did not bring the Gospel with clever and persuasive words designed by man's wisdom? (verse 5)

3. Use I Timothy 3:16 to help you give a one word-equivalent to the word "Mystery" found in verse 7.

4. According to verse 7, why don't people of the world know the "mystery"?

5. What are the limitations of our physical senses? (verse 9)

6. What is the only way to receive spiritual wisdom? (verses 10-12)

    What are two reasons why the above answer is the only way to receive spiritual wisdom?

    Verse 11

    Verse 14

7. According to John 6:63, what are "spiritual things"?

    With that in mind, reword the phrase comparing spiritual things with spiritual things" found in verse 13.

    Is there any other way for us to gain spiritual wisdom?

Objective part

Circle your choice or write your answer as appropriate

1.    T    F    Verse 2 means Jesus Christ's crucifixion was the only subject that Paul talked about.

2.    T    F    It was a great spiritual advantage that Paul's witness to the Corinthians was not with persuasive eloquence.

3. To what does the word "power" or "power of God" in verses 4 and 5 refer?

4. Use one word which would be the best equivalent for the word "mystery" found in verse 7.

5. The word "mystery" found in I Cor. 2:7 means:

a) Something unknowable.

b) A problem that must be solved.

c) Something difficult to figure out.

d) None of the above.

6.    T    F    If those who crucified Jesus realized who He was, they would not have done it.

7. Verse 9 is primarily describing the fact that:

a) God has wonderful blessings in store for His people.

b) God's blessings are so great that no man will be able to measure them.

c) God's blessings are the spiritual things God gives to those who love Him.

d) It is not possible for physical senses to perceive the things God has prepared for His people.

8.    T    F    An unsaved person cannot be expected to really understand spiritual matters.

9. Which verse in Chapter 2 best describes the reason 1:18 is true?

10 The phrase "comparing spiritual things with spiritual things" describes what basic Bible study principle?

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. "The content of a message is much more important than the way in which it is delivered." Evaluate this statement in light of chapter 2.

B. What is the primary meaning of verse 9?

C. How does chapter 2 explain why verse 1:18 is true?

D. Use the method described in verse 13 "comparing spiritual things with spiritual" to understand what the word "natural" in verse 14 means.


Write an answer to the following question or request. Limit your essay to two pages double spaced typed. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Chapter 2.

Explain the meaning of the word "mystery." Why does Paul choose to use it in this chapter?

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