Observation Part

1. What is the result of speaking without charity (love)? (verse 1)

2. What is the evaluation of a person who possesses knowledge and faith without charity? (verse 2)

3. What is the result of great works without charity? (verse 3)

4. What are the characteristics of charity?

    (verse 4)

    (verse 5)

    (verse 6)

    (verse 7)

5. How lasting and successful is charity? (verse 8)

6. What is one step in the process which leads to Christian maturity (verse 11)

7. What are three abiding characteristics of a Christian? (verse 13)

Objective part

1. The two parallel themes of Chapter 13 are



2.    T    F    It is not really possible to have saving faith and at the same time not have love.

3.    T    F    A person could preach a faithful message and still not be saved.

Instructions for questions 4 through 8:

From the list of characteristics of love below, choose one which best describes Jesus' character traits highlighted in each Bible verse below.

List of the characteristics of love:

a) suffereth long

b) is kind

c) vaunteth not itself

d) is not puffed up

e) does not behave itself unseemly

f) seeketh not her own

g) is not easily provoked

h) thinketh no evil

i) rejoiceth not in iniquity

j) rejoiceth in the truth

Bible verses which highlight one of Jesus' character traits:

4. II Corinthians 8:9 -

5. Matthew 11:28-30 -

6. II Peter 3:9 -

7. Luke 22:63-65, 23:34 -

8. Verse 7 means

a) Love accepts all the attitudes and behavior of all people.

b) Love does not challenge people who live by their own rules.

c) Love does not give up but is persistent in its desire to see people saved.

9.    T    F    Believers must go beyond the fundamentals of Christian doctrine and go on to greater spiritual experiences.

10 The phrases "For now we see in a glass darkly" and "Now I know in part" mean

a) Believers understand God's mysteries only part of the time.

b) Believers can only partially understand God's Word.

c) Only part of the believers can understand God's Word.

Short answer

Write an answer to ONE of the following questions or requests. The answer must not be longer than one paragraph.

A. Discuss the relationship between Christian love and another person's sinful behavior. Does love accept all attitudes and behaviors? Does love challenge people's attitudes and behavior?

B. Discuss the difference between a persons motive and his action. Can one be correct and another be wrong? Is one more important than another?


Write an answer to the following question or request. Limit your essay to two pages double spaced typed. Support your statements and conclusions with quotes from the Bible and the analysis of Chapter 13.

Is there a conflict between Christian love and Christian doctrine? Do they reinforce each other?

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